The Irish...victims of racism

The Irish…victims of racism

As I get closer to launching ‘Mary’s Ireland’, (30 November?) I am disappointed but never surprised to realise the racist views that people have held and still hold for other people…people who are different. Whilst the Irish have fought battles amongst themselves, as have many nations, the racist slurs and violent actions from other groups towards the Irish are age old and supremacist in nature. The English politician and eventual Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli claimed, ‘[The Irish] hate our free and fertile isle. They hate our order, our enterprising industry, our sustained courage, our decorous liberty, our pure religion. This wild, reckless, indolent, uncertain and superstitious race have no sympathy with the English character…’ 1832. Those beliefs and attitudes are indeed alive today…for many disadvantaged groups. Perhaps not the Irish now but we readily change our targets.

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